operation asteroid belt

  MINING OPERATIONS :     As mentioned we believe it will require a robot army of surveying and prospecting robots to find the wanted materials and send them as wanted to Mars, to Earth, and to Sun orbital base locations near mars, and potentially spread across the solar system.

    These robots will not look like humans, but will be functional to move asteroids and meteor objects to locations for processing which in many cases will only mean shaping them to be used as shielding for what will be massive space bases.

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PROPOSED SYSTEMS :    This is of course an open source global effort, and the designs of the actual equipment for breaking down asteroids, and processing the materials in zero gravity in deep space exposed to extreme radation and potential micro-meteors traveling at super velocities will require advanced robot systems which can deal with these conditions, and either self repair or self regulate it's many parts to repair, rebuild and maintain the Asteroid mining fleet, all of which as proposed should be organized and controlled from safe underground Mars bases where humans can thrive while sending robots to reap the rewards of the solar system. 


   Five minutes of research will show anyone that the evidence suggests that there are potentially asteroids the size of mountains which may be composed entirely of PGM (platinum group) metals, such as gold and iridium.  The total value of the hoard is so vast as to make the profit potential almost unmeasurable, but we can be sure it would be huge, so huge as to potentially devalue those platinum group metals, by providing a massive new supply.